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The Draw has been done for Kaunas Stage!!!

Before checking the draw please note, that:
  •  you have to be 30 minutes before your match scheduled;
  •  please pay attention that matches are in the groups, so please check the earliest match you going to play, not the latest;
  •  upon arrival, make sure you pay the entry fee, cause if not, then you`ll be asked to do so during your match;
  •  there is no dress code, but be aware that shorts, sport pants and shirt is not allowed. Tidy pants or jeans + polo shirt is a must. Shoes any color any style.
I want to ask you for the best cooperation as possible and please note, that playing in a group (round robin) is a real marathon, so you will be asked to play 3 matches in a row at 5 groups even 4 matches in a row, that means:
  • you have to prepare before you have been invited to play, which means:
    1.  go for a cigarette, toilet break, have a snack or drink whenever you see you can do it;
    2.  evaluate your group matches which are in progress, how much time you have to prepare for your next game;
    3.  if your opponent match is at 4-4, it is not the best option to order soup or burger, because after last rack you will probably be invited to play;
You will be asked to insert scores on tablets which is very simple. Simply press + on your side (if run out, then + for run out and big +) and once you enter last + and the match is finished, please hit "FINISH", so that we know that table is empty and we can invite new matches on that table.
Hope there are not too many instructions and looking forward to see you tomorrow in Kaunas.

Registration is closed for Baltic Pool League in Kaunas

ATTENTION!!! ALL LIMITS has reached their Maximum amount of participants, hence the registration is closed. You are still free to send your announcements which will be placed on the waiting list, and in case somebody would cancel their participation, spots will be given away based on the waiting list.

The Draw for the 1st stage of Baltic Pool League 2023 in Kaunas will happen on 23rd of March (Thursday) at 12:00PM.