Same Place, Same Winners, Different Year

This weekend Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League second stage was held in Tallinn, Estonia. The name of the game was 10-Ball and the venue was yet again the beautiful Baribal Pool Club. Similarly to the last year men division was dominated by estonian Denis Grabe and women and oldboys division ended with a win for Latvias Anna Prisjaznuka. 

Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League Kicked of in Riga

The first event of the Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League was held in Riga, Latvia. Bams Pool House was once again kind enough to offer their Dino Sport Pro tables to hold the event. The first winners of the 2015 season are Denis Grabe (Estonia) and Agné Jaruśauskaite (Lithuania).

The Grand Final of Baltic Pool League 2014

Baltic Pool League 2014 draw to a conclusion this weekend in Riga, Latvia. Once again the kind host was Bams Pool House with 12 brand new Dino Sport Pro tables with very tight pockets and Strachan cloth. It was only 32 best ranked men and 16 best ranked women and oldboys athletes allowed to participate in the final. In the game of 10-ball the hot favourite Estonian Denis Grabe did not let his fans down in mens division and in womens and oldboys division the final was all about local hero Ojars Blezurs. 

BPL finished qualification rounds in Kaunas

The final qualification event for the Baltic Pool League 2014 main tournament was held the last weekend in a gorgeous ENTRY Pool Club in Kaunas, Lithuania. On the contrary to the last stage this time the last 8 in the mens division was quite colorful and won by Vladislav Les. However similarly to last event the women and oldboys bracket was dominated yet again by Anna Prisjaznuka. The game format was this time 8-Ball.