Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League 2018 second stage was held in a cosy little city of Hyvinkää, Finland. The host for the event was Musta Kasi pool hall in the centre of the city. The winners of the second stage were Casper Matikainen (FIN), Kateryna Polovinchuk (UKR) and Alexander Schukin (RUS).

Stage II Registration Just Started

Registration to Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League 2018 stage II just started. See you all in Hyvinkää, Finland on 16th-17th of June.



Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League 2018 (MCBPL) has kicked off with a staggering total of 134 athletes in Kaunas, Lithuania. This is the record number of participants ever taking part in the event. The first venue was the Entry Billiard Club, known as the first-ever venue for one of the most popular leagues in Eastern Europe. Due to the rising number of athletes in all disciplines this year the event format is changed and the MCBPL is held now in three different divisions – men, women and old boys. After two days of tight matches the men's event was won by Pijus Labutis (Lithuania), women's event by Kateryna Polovinchuk (Ukraine) and old boys event by Guntars Grinums (Latvia).

Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League 2017 Final Event Annouced

Totally 51 pool player from 5 countries are invited to the Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League final event. Here is the list of invited pool players. Each player must confirm his/her participation by sending email to the BPL organizers or local federation. 

Mezz Cues Baltic pool league qualification rounds finished

The final qualification event for the Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League 2017 main tournament was held in billiard club Start, Minsk, Belarus. The winners of this event are Pijus Labutis (LTU) and Margarita Fefilova (BY) .

Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League Continued In Riga

Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League third stage was held in Riga, Latvia. As always Bams Pool House greeted the 100 participating athletes with good tables and nice atmosphere. The always popular event was won in men's division by Pijus Labutis (LIT) Denis Grabe (EST) and in women's and old boys division once again Margarita Fefilova (BLR).

Battle of the youth

The men’s division turned out to be a real battle of the youth as in the final four there were only young guns still in the bracket. The first semi-final was a real cracker as two top youth players, not only in the Baltics but in the world battled, out the place in the final. These two talents were Denis Grabe (EST) and Pijus Labutis. After a thrilling semifinal, Pijus Labutsi managed to get the most of it and proceed to the final by a score 8:6.