Polish Players Dominate

Last weekend completed the second stage of the Olympic-Online Baltic Pool League 2013 and the game was 10-ball. The location was the beautiful town of Ketrzyn in Poland. The Polish players were really in form in both the mens and women's divisions by winning 6 out of 8 medals and among them both brightest medals. In mens division Piotr Kudlik took the gold and in the women's division Katarzyna Wesolowska accomplished the same. Another significant fact was the number of participants on this event. We scored a record high 138 players.

Grabe Still Unbeaten

This weekend was held the IV stage of Olympic-Online Baltic Pool League 2012. The venue was Baribal Poolclub in the centre of Tallinn, Estonia, and the game was 8-ball. In mens division the weekend did not produce any surprises as Denis Grabe (Team Olympic-Online) claimed another stage victory. In women’s division it was Anna Prisjaznuka from Latvia that claimed the title.