Mezz cues 2

The Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League 2024 second stage

The Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League 2024 second stage took us to gorgeous Black Ball Billiard Club in Klaipeda, Lithuania. The weekend full of great matches produced us the best of the best in open, women’s and senior’s divisions and for extra excitement worked well the pro and mini events. Open division was won by Gert Maimre (EST), women’s division by Anna Grintśuk (EST) and seniors by Joonas Saloheimo (FIN). The exciting Pro event was won by Mark Mägi (EST) and mini event by Aźuolas Tadaravićius (LIT).

Maimre’s dominance

Gert Maimre showed great composure as he won all his matches. In his semi-final he played against the Lithuanian talent Jokubas Silantjevas. After one hour and forty minutes the scoreboard showed 9:6. In the final Maimre faced one of the Estonian pool greats, Mark Mägi, who won his semi-final against Finnish athlete Juha Mällinen 9:4. The final between two great friends showed no mercy as it was an entertaining final which Maimre won 9:7.

Grintśuk power

The power was with Anna Grintśuk as she dominated the women division. In the final she met one of the all-time Baltic pool greats Agne Jarusauskaite (LIT). Grintśuk played really strong, and she won the final 9:2. In her semi-final Grintśuk played against young and upcoming Anastasia Losseva (EST) and won 9:6. Jaruśauskaite had to play against another young Estonian Nora Kangro and she won 9:3.

Senior’s gold again to Finland, this time for Saloheimo

Last stage senior’s gold went to Finland and this time the tradition continued as Joonas Saloheimo won the discipline. Although starting his tournament with a 4:5 loss to Tauno Markovskis (EST) Saloheimo was clinical after that. He was better of Źilvinas Cemnolonskis (LIT) 9:3 in his semi-final and after some serious resistance from Maciej Trudnowski (POL) managed to turn the game to his favour 9:7. Trudnowski did not leave any chances for Aivars Girts (LAT) in the semi-final as he won 9:0.

Pro title to Mägi

The Pro side event included ten of the best players. The high class final was between Mägi and one of the best Finnish athletes Casper Cappe Matikainen. The entertaining match was won by Mägi 8:5. In his way to the final Mägi had another close semi-final match against Michal Muklewicz which he won 8:6. Matikainen met in his semi-final another young gun Kestutits Źadeikis (LIT) from Lithuania and managed to win 8:5.

Mini, the perfect start for weekend

The weekend ice-breaker mini event was won by 12 years of age, Aźuolas Tadaravićius (LIT) who did not lose any matches throughout the event. He comfortably won 4:1 both his semi-final against Sander Tamm (EST), and final against Gert Gnadeberg (EST). Gnadeberg had to sweat a little harder in his semi-final against Eimantas Sveikauskas as he won 4:2.

New location with great atmosphere

Another great weekend has come to an end with more than 90 players taking part in the events. It was amazing to have another great venue, Black Ball Billiard Club, in the Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League roster. Big gratitude goes out to all the athletes, volunteers, fans and all other people and companies that were part of another enjoyable event. Additional gratitude to Estonian Billiard Federation, Finnish Billiard Federation, Latvian Billiard Federation and Lithuanian Pool Federation for their constant support and cooperation. Last but not least a big gratitude goes out to all the sponsors – Mezz Cues, Holly Case, Mirai, Aramith, Iwan Simonis, Kamui, Aveiras, Turtle Rack Sheet, Arena Billiards Club, Black Ball Billiard Club, Bams Pool House, Hill-Hill Pool Club, and Baltic Billiard Development Union.

The next event is scheduled to be held from 13th to 15th of September in BAMS Pool House in Riga, Latvia. For further information please visit our Facebook