Baltic pool League is looking forward to 2023

While the 2022 is gone now and some big changes happened throughout the past year, we are excited to welcome you in a new year and tell you a little bit what to expect. Since the owner of BPL organization has changed there will be some new features added not only to tournament system itself, but also it`s quality. 

  • Tablets to all tables for live scoring;
  • Aramith Blacks;
  • Round robin in open division;
  • Higher entry fees - guaranteed prize funds;
  • Side events;
  • Live streaming;
  • Calcuta;
  • Lottery;
  • Free dress code on Saturday;
  • and many more...

What we want from you?

The year will be full of change and there might be a lot of things different, so not everything can be good or liked or successful from the first time. We will experiment a lot and we want to hear from you a lot. Catch one of us in a tournament and tell us what u think, what is good or bad and hopefully we will create something very nice for all of us.

For more information please visit our Facebook page @balticpooleague

Whishing you all the best, succesfull and happy new year!!!


The grand finale of the Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League 2022 was held in Arena Billiards. The autumnal Kaunas is always nice and so was the ending of the season. Karl Gnadeberg (EST) won the men’s event, Agne Jarushauskaite (LIT) women’s event and Guntars Timmermannis (LAT) was victorious in the Oldboys division.

Congratulation to the winners

The second stage of Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League was held in the nice city of Kaunas, in the modern Arena Billiard Club. A total of 82 players from all Baltic countries and Finland participated in the event. This time the gold medals went to Petri Makkonen (FIN), Agne Jarushauskaite (LIT) and Ivo Ulmanis (LAT).

Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League 2022 started in Riga, Latvia

In total of 91 players gathered to BAMS Poolhouse in Riga to compete for the first stage win of the Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League 2022. This season the medals are handed out in three categories – men, women and the oldboys. It was a triumph of Baltic countries as each country received one of the gold medals. The winners of this seasons inaugural stage were Raimo Teesaar (EST), Simona Milishauskaite (LIT) and Guntars Timmermanis (LAT).