Mezz cues 2

Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League stage II is ON!!!

Registration is now opened for Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League stage II

Few important notes before you register:

1. After 1st stage organisers reconsidered pay and play option on cuescore and now it is gone. You are free to register without immediate payment;

2. However we still would like to collect as much entry fees as possible during your registration, so please transfer your entry fee to the below details and keep in mind that on the day of the tournament entry fee is 5 Eur more.


All players CAN pay their entry fees by transfer to below details:

IBAN: LT273250007823857496

Receiver: Gintaras Petrovas

Purpose: Entry fee for BPL xxxxx (xxxx means division, i.e. open, mini, senior or all together or separate)

Paying at a tournament desk on the day of the tournament is 5€ extra.

3. There is a slight change in prize fund comparing to 1st stage so please familiarise yourself with it. Please also note that some "added money" are possible in case of big numbers in participants.

Please feel free to register: