Mezz cues 2

2024 stage I is ahead. Register now!!!

Get ready. Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League stage I in Tallinn is set and to be ready for your registration. 

After 2023, testing year, we have heard our players and collected all feedback which has been provided by you. In 2023 we will more focus on providing what you have told us.

First - MINI will be more focused to all players who have never reached semi final or final in the Open division. Also according to our own investigation on some player, they might not compete in MINI due to their level.

PRO event will happen on the same time as MINI (Friday evening). All participants can apply for MINI. However multiple participation is not allowed. If you are in MINI, then you play only in MINI, if in PRO, only in PRO. This is to avoid schedule conflicts.

OPEN, WOMEN and SENIORS. No big changes in here, except for prize fund, which is almost doubled than a year before. Organisers are very happy to announce, that overall prize fund for all 3 divisions is 5500 Eur guaranteed. 

Last but not least,  is the overall ranking system for 2024 season and the Grand FINALE stage where only those can participate, who entered at least 3 stages throughout the year. Also we value our loyal players who participate in all 4, but in unexpected circumstances cannot qualify for GF, then those player organiser will issue with the Wild cards to fill in the spots for guaranteed 10 000 Eur prize fund.