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The long -awaited victory for Latvia

The city of Riga and BAMS Pool House were the hosts of the second stage of the 2016 season of Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League. To the delight of the home fans the mens division was won by Latvian Marius Vartiks, but it was Margarita Fefilova from Belarus that continued her domination in the event and denied a sweet double gold for the hosts.


Mens division was a real gem as both of the finalists never made it to the final before.
After a shacky 7:6 win over Ivan Yurchenko (BLR) in the first round Vartiks was put to a test again only in the semi-final when he had a tricky match against Joonas Saska (EST). After many thrilling events Vartiks managed to close the match by 8:7 and made his way to the final. Another finalist Martynas Aleksonis did not leave it that late and bagged a comfortable 8:5 victory over young gun Mark Mägi (EST). The tense final was a real nail-biter which Vartiks managed to turn on his side with a 8:6 win.
The overall leader of the mens ranking list is Dmitry Chuprov (BLR) .

It is two out of two for Fefilova in this years women and oldboys division. The proof that she is in a superb form is that her gold was never actually put on doubt during the whole event. She was confident in her semi final against oldboy Gintautas Danilevićius (LAT) by 7:2 and managed to take the gold with a same score over Ojars Blezurs (LAT). It was a real 7:2 day as Blezurs won his semi-final with the same score against Linda Guke.
Hopefully last years three times gold medalist Anna Prisjaźnuka will join the league in the next stage and we will see the final of the year between her and Fefilova.
The lonely leader of the women and oldoys ranking is Margarita Fefilova.

As always it was a pleasant event in one of the most beautiful and friendly cities in Europe. A total of 85 athletes leaves no doubt that it is an event you do not want to miss. There were athletes from Belarus, England, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden taking part in the event.
Additionally the organisers thank all the athletes, volunteers, fans and all other people and companies that were part of this great event. Naturally special "thank you" goes out to all the sponsors - Mezz Cues, Aramith, Iwan Simonis, Biljardai, Kamui, Aveiras, Turtle Rack Sheet, Entry, Baribal Pool Club, Start Pool Club, Bams Pool House, Gazprom, East European Billiard Council and Belarussian Association of Billiard Sports.

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