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Belorussian double in Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League Final

In the first weekend of november was held Mezz Cues Baltic Pool League 2016 grand final in the spectacular city of Riga, Latvia. The stars of the weekend were two athletes from Belarus. They were the winners of men's dvision Dmitri Chuprov and women's and oldboys division Margarita Fefilova.


Fefilova the best throughout the season
Fefilova's triumph was on the verge of a catastrophe as she nearly escaped in her semi final from Genadijs Kaminskis (LAT) who pawed the way for Fefilovas win by making an easy mistake with only three balls left on the table in a hill-hill rack. Another finalist Ojars Blezurs (LAT) was a firm winner over Agne Jaruśauskaite by a score 8:4. In the final Fefilova was brilliant and left no chances for Ojars as she claimed the title 8:1.
Fefilova showed great potting throughout the season. She won the first two qualification stages and was firm winner of the overall qualification ranking list.

Chuprov dominated the men's division
Chuprov was really threatened only in the second round of the event when he won 8:7 over Vadims Jemeljanovs. After that it was all about Chuprov. He won his semi final over Martynas Aleksonis (LIT) 10:3 and left no chances for Vilius Schulte-Ebbert (LIT) when the scoresheet confirmed Chuprov's 10:2 victory.
Chuprov showed great playing throughout the season as he similarly to Fefilova won the qualification ranking.

The organisers thank all the athletes, volunteers, fans and all other people and companies that were part of another great season. Naturally special „thank you“ goes out to all the sponsors - Mezz Cues, Aramith, Iwan Simonis, Biljardai, Kamui, Aveiras, Turtle Rack Sheet, Entry, Baribal Pool Club, Start Pool Club, Bams Pool House, East European Billiard Council and Belarussian Association of Billiard Sports.

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